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Standards and Legal Information

Standards are documented specifications, criteria, rules, guidelines or definitions for products, goods and services. Standards are regarded as agreements. Proper function and safety of products and services is the purpose of standards use.

Keeping of standards specifications is voluntary. If they are incorporated in legislation or regulation documents or harmonized with such documents, standards become obligatory. They are indicated as harmonized standards then.

Standards databases available on web usually are not provided in full text (except subscribed databases).




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Normy registrace

! Access only through CTU network at present. Remote access is at preparation.

Registration required. Login needed with each access to the database.

The database allows searching for the technical standarts (ISO, DIN, CEN, ASTM, ASME …, national and American standarts) in user’s interface. There is a million of documents produced by more than 370 publishing standardazation institutions, governmantal organizations and
leading industrial companies.

Prepaid package of standards within collections:



Current subscription may be adjusted to your specific needs. Please do contact us in case of questions or missing standards in our catalogue.

International standard organizations

ISO                  International Organization for Standardization

ITU                  International Telecommunication Union

IEC                  International Electrotechnical Commission


Legal Information - ASPI

CTU subscribes to an access of ASPI database, which is a complex system for work with legislative documents of all kinds. We are sorry to say, that ASPI is available just in the Czech language. For more information see czech version.

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